My story

- Into the Blue Photo -

Look Into the Blue…, you never know what passes by in the blue waters beyond the reef. This I first was told diving the East Coast of Bonaire, Caribbean - looking out for the bigger stuff, rays, sharks and the bigger turtles. So true underwater, but not less true in life in general. To explore is my driving force in life, so when something cross or is near my path I need to see what that brings. Be alert, openminded and never afraid to try new cool stuff!

As a photographer I operate both over and under water, and although Norwegian scenery should have enough opportunities ready to capture for a lifetime, I just have to get out and abroad as much as possible. Since my early days I have travelled the world, always with my camera to capture moments and scenery that nature brings to my attention. Nikon has been my friend all these years, and now my travel companions are a Nikon Z9 and Nikon D7200 - with various accessories. Underwater "Precious", my underwater housing from Nauticam keeps them dry and safe - and me happy and alive - most of the time...

It's all about nature and animals.

My photo passion really kicked off underwater, but soon encompassed every aspect of nature from the deep blue waters to the clear blue sky. Nature, wildlife, really all creatures great and small, inspire me to bring joy and good feelings to myself and those who find pleasure in my photography. Photos opens worlds to people, and through my photos I can take people to places they have not been and open their minds to aspects in nature that they didn't know or even cared about before.

Animals are my life. Through my occupation as a veterinarian, my two furry family life partners Jarl and Rova and their predessesors Gaia, Ice and Mikkel, as well as my dear patients from the clinic, and not the least through observing wildlife in nature, I have built knowledge about animal behaviour and way of life that helps me as a photographer.

I strive to capture behavior that brings out my photo subjects personality - wild or tame, even a fish might have that "look" that communicate feelings or a certain athmosphere in a photo. Action photos are fun work, and If I can add a different perspective or angle that make the shot stand out - that really makes my day,

My photography

- for the fun of it

Photography for me is all about bringing energy and joy into my life, and hopefully into the life of other nature loving likeminded people too. Although I am a nature, wildlife, dog, pet, underwater photographer I might take on a challenge - but be prepared, it will be with my own «twist» to it… Please feel free to contact me if you need photos for a certain purpose, and I will see what I can do about it. 

If you find a photo on my here on my webpage that would fit on your wall - home, cabin, company or digital wall, please feel free to ask too. I will help you with the format needed, printing or for digital use.

The Process

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03. Create

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